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I'm just a college girl looking to have some fun! What's your fantasy? A willing sex toy or a cruel dominatrix? Let's have some fun!

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Mika has pictures of your tiny dick and she's going to share them with the world unless you can please her! DISCLAIMER: This is a FANTASY blackmail situation, Mika Haze will not share any personal information without a signed consensual blackmail contract.

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You’ve already spent your vacation fund, you’ve pawned off your wife's engagement ring, you’ve gotten yourself deeper into debt than you ever imagined, but you still can’t help yourself from giving me what I want. And this time I want more than ever before… I’m going to make you cum inside me! Good luck leaving me now For fans of: creampie, pov, findom, mistress, cheating, seduced, bareback, doggy, missionary, femdom